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A terrible war has been unleashed on the world, a war unlike any other. This is an unprecedented assault on humanity and therefore it requires an unprecedented response. We need to come together and unite like never before. The conventional concepts of protests, activism, demonstrations and marches that have worked in the past may require a new strategy for this particular crisis. This book is an effort to look at strategies that are proven effective that will guarantee our victory for future generations.

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THE FRINGE MINORITY: A Report From the Trenches of the Canadian Freedom Movement

A report of the experiences drawn from the last two and a half years of the battle for human rights, health freedom and the restoration of democracy in the face of medical tyranny and government over-reach. If we are to be successful in building a Worldwide Freedom Movement, the lessons learned here in Vancouver are important for the whole movement to take note. 


**50 Pages of Photos!**


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Rick Thomas & MB Bose on the Anita Krishna Show 


VICTORY CANADA is actively involved on a volunteer basis with the constitutional challenge in the BC Supreme Court administered by the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy. [CSASPP]

*Victory Canada does NOT take donations on behalf of CSASPP. In the interest of financial transparency all donations are made through the GoFundMe crowdfund or via etransfer at:

Alternatively you can contact reception to make arrangements to donate by cheque or wire. Always remember to indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous or not.


Rick Thomas, interviewed on the Kid Carson Show about How to Defeat the NWO

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🔥🇨🇦🇷🇺Join Kid Carson hosting a discussion with Rick Thomas and MB Bose about the assassination of Darya Dugin and the Ukraine/Russia/NATO conflict.

Listen to the Podcast

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