THE FRINGE MINORITY: A Report From the Trenches of the Canadian Freedom Movement

A report of the experiences drawn from the last two and a half years of the battle for human rights, health freedom and the restoration of democracy in the face of medical tyranny and government over-reach. If we are to be successful in building a Worldwide Freedom Movement, the lessons learned here in Vancouver are important for the whole movement to take note. We are heading into uncharted waters and the elites are waging a war unprecedented in human history. Not one of us alone has the clarity or foresight to predict what will be the outcome of the next few years, or even the next few months, but one thing we can say with conviction is that we shall overcome. The battle of all the ages is upon us, guard your hearts well and carry on, brave warriors.


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A terrible war has been unleashed on the world, a war unlike any other. This is an unprecedented assault on humanity and therefore it requires an unprecedented response. We need to come together and unite like never before. The conventional concepts of protests, activism, demonstrations and marches that have worked in the past may require a new strategy for this particular crisis. This book is an effort to look at strategies that are proven effective that will guarantee our victory for future generations.

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From our recent PowerPoint presentation in Castlegar, BC. We are available to share winning strategies from How To Defeat the New World Order! Book now:

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Rick Thomas & MB Bose on the Anita Krishna Show discussing


Many predicted months ago that those adversely affected by the mRNA injections would be heading our way, looking for help and support. And now it is happening. We have started a Telegram chat to support the vaccine injured in the Vancouver area. If you have experienced negative vaccine injury or if you have loved ones negatively impacted please join:

Victory Canada has partnered with several groups to promote Candlelight Vigils across Canada and beyond to support and Bring Light to Darkness for the vaccine injured. This will be an ongoing effort to help the injured and to document their experiences on the nationwide database.

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VICTORY CANADA is actively involved on a volunteer basis with the constitutional challenge in the BC Supreme Court administered by the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Science in Public Policy. CSASPP

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*Victory Canada does NOT take donations on behalf of CSASPP. In the interest of financial transparency all donations are made through the GoFundMe crowdfund or via etransfer at:

Alternatively you can contact reception to make arrangements to donate by cheque or wire. Always remember to indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous or not.


The relentless chemical spraying of our atmosphere has continued for almost 25 years now. The thieves of sunlight must be exposed and held accountable. The general public is oblivious, a sign of the times, geoengineering is done in broad daylight. 🙈🙉🙊

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🔥🇨🇦🇷🇺Join Kid Carson hosting a discussion with Rick Thomas and MB Bose about the assassination of Darya Dugin and the Ukraine/Russia/NATO conflict.

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Join us on Telegram for geopolitical discussion and sharing. Ukraine, Russia, China, USA ...who will be top dog? WW3 on the horizon in the context of a worldwide pandemic...

The World Health Organization has started drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant it absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, standardized medical care and more

The WHO is not qualified to make global health decisions. As just one example, the WHO didn’t publicly admit SARS-CoV-2 was airborne until the end of December 2021, yet scientists knew the virus was airborne within weeks of the pandemic being declared. The WHO also ignored early advice about airborne transmission


Victory Canada's own Rick Thomas, interviewed on the Kid Carson Show 😁


FREEDOM CELLS are one of the best ways to organize small groups of like-minded Freedom Fighters. Various organizations have used cell groups successfully to build their membership, provide structure and de-centralize their organization. Most importantly cell groups allow organizations to get everyone involved if only to socialize.

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VICTORY CANADA hosts regular workshops and Town Hall meetings to help facilitate and organize like-minded motivated freedom fighters. We are here to empower, enlighten and educate. Workshops in the past have included documentary films, live music and comedy.


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This is one of the most effective ways to reach the average person. We go on the SkyTrain and in shopping malls and on the streets, and hand out newspapers and literature to wake up the normies and recruit them to the Freedom Movement.


Our fundamental civil rights are being trampled under the feet of health mandates and illegal edicts spewing from the mouths of unelected health officials. For most of us, daily confrontations with restaurants and cafes have made it challenging to even get a cup of coffee without being harassed by staff over mask wearing. Police and security guards continually harass average citizens, threatening us with arrest and fines. We need to be able to respond calmly, using our Charter of Rights to combat medical tyranny.

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